DIMAS – Digital Master Studio – about us

Dimas is one of the leading audio and video post production studios in the Slovak Republic, sporting a rich history. The studio is housed in a brand new building, keeping the needs of our clients in mind. We are proud to be the only holder of   DOLBY and DTS licenses for film post production in the Slovak Republic.

Our clients include Slovak broadcasting companies, post production companies, advertising agencies and distribution companies.

We have produced Slovak language versions of more than a thousand movies for broadcasting and cinema, as well as hundreds of videos for advertising. Our activities include video editing, DVD authoring and other multimedia endeavors. Offering integrated services “under one roof” and delivering comfort for our clients are our top priorities.

Sync House – our building for multimedia

√ sound studio using 5.1/7.1 certified digital sound equipment (DOLBY, DTS)

√ HD editing room – Avid, Final cut HD (Digital Betacam on-off-line)

√ complete Blu-ray / DVD authoring solutions

Sync House – multimedia “under one roof”

√ film feature mixing, audio and video post production – full services, Dolby certified
√ DCP – digital cinema mastering, 2D, 3D, generate KDM key
√ dubbing – Cinema, TV – Sk, Cz (dual, stereo, surround, 5.1, ex, 7.1)
√ documentaries Sk,Cz
√ TV, Radio commercials Sk, Cz
√ sound design – more than 600 plugins
√ subtitling
√ casting, voicecasting
√ DVD, Blu-ray Authoring, DVD-Video, DVD-rom, DVD-weblink
√ CD Mastering
√ DVD-Audio: Authoring, Mastering, audio 96, 192 kHz; 24, 32 bit
√ replication Blu-ray, DVD, CD, data archiving, duplication
√ re-mastering, re-mixing, re-pairing
√ analog-to-digital video and audio format conversion
√ soundtrack – recording and mixing
√ movie production services
√ sound effects library – cca 130 000 items on Hard drive
√ movie soundtrack library

DOLBY Professional Cinema and Brodcast Technologies and EUPHONIX high-performance digital audio mixing console

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