Our studios are capable of servicing even the most demanding quality standards of dubbing, television and radio commercials, documentary and other audio-visual programs or music recordings, producing high-quality audio of up to 7.1 channels for movies,DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray and multimedia.
We have produced audio for several feature length movies and TV shows, references included.

Dimas- studios (pdf 1,5MB)

√ ADR & Foley services
√ Digital audio re-mastering
√ Editing/formatting-Pro Tools, ProLogic, Nuendo, SoundForge, Soundtrack, Cakewalk, Audacity, Audition
√ Foreign language dubbing
√ International mastering, M&E creationn
√ Laybacks/transfers (HD, PAL, NTSC)
√ Multiple re-recording/mixing stages (Dolby certified)
√ Restoration
√ Sound design
√ Sound Supervisors
√ Voice-overs, audio commentary recording

CD Mastering and CD replication
√ professional CD authoring for CD production (PQ codes, tracks, indexes, CD text, audio mastering)
√ preparation of materials for audio publishing, including denoising, remixing and audio repairing

DVD-Audio Authoring & Mastering
√ PCM, MLP audio 44,1, 48, 96, 192 kHz
Dimas realised First dvd-audio in Slovakia and Czech Republic (pdf 60kb)

Remastering, Remixing, Re-pairing, Voicecasting

Audio formats conversion:
√ analogue 1/2′, 1/4′, 35 mm, 17.5 mm, 16 mm, CC, SP, LP
√ digital DAT, DA-88, DA-98, T-DIF, AES-EBU, SPDIF, MPEG

Audio commercials
√ script writing, audio recording and production, in several languages
Comercials realised in our company (50kb)