Dvd / Blu-ray


Our studio delivers complete DVD, BLU-RAY, DVD -Video, DVD – Audio, DVD – ROM, DVD – weblink products all the way from product specification to product distribution.
√ Menus  – design and creation of static and dynamic menus. Multi-language menu support. Graphic design, animation and effects.
√ Video – editing, video stream creation. Multiple angles support. HW and SW video encoding. Video repairing, stabilizing, slideshows.
√ Audio –  multilingual audio tracks . Sound design, audio remastering, import,  high-end audio recording up to 192 kHz, 24 bit. Encoding.
√ Subtitling – multilingual subtitle production. Regional codes.
√ Plus – interactive content, games and bonus materials. Script writing and programming including internet content.
√ Quality control, testing.
√ Copy protection
√ Premastering
√ Manufacturing including covers (ISO 9660, ISO 3166, ISO 3901, ISO 369, ISO 13346)