The Last Bus

The Last Bus – Synopsis
A hunting season has already begun. Forest animals are getting on a small bus and leaving the forest to save their lives. When hunters stop the bus in the middle of the night, the passengers while feeling the existential fears show their real characters.
Original title: Posledný autobus
Length: 15´
Country: Slovakia
Year of Production: 2011
Category: Production company / Animation
Director: Martin Snopek, Ivana Laučíková
Production: Ivana Laučíková
Screenplay: Patrik Pašš ml., Martin Snopek
Cinematography: Juraj Chlpík
Editing: František Krähenbiel
Music: Jakub Ursiny
Cast: Ivan Martinka, Vlado Zboroň, Michal Rovňák, Vít Bednárik, Zuzana Polonská, Peter Skala
An auteur short film dealing with universal issues of human egoism and fear. It serves as an unsettling parable from the animal kingdom where its protagonists, in a critical moments of peril, reveal their true selves and in the name of their rescue are able to sacrifice even ones to whom they are close.
International Short Film Festival Tampere 2012 – Grand Prix
International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand 2012 – Prix de la Jeunesse
Animateka 2011 – Grand Prix Maestr