Bells of Happiness

Bells of Happiness
Documentary game from the place where wild roses grow but the superstars don’t go.
Bar one exception …
feature-length movie created for cinemas, length 62 minutes
first run on: June 19, 2012
screenplay and directing: Jana Bučka, Marek Šulík
cinematography: Štefan Bučka
editing: Peter Kotrha
dramaturgist: Jan Gogola Jr.
sound recording: nahrávanie zvuku: Jakub Fišer
sound mixing: Bohumil Martinák
sound design: Dušan Kozák
assistants of direction, sound and cinematography: Tereza Michalová, Lena Kušnieriková

produced by: ŽUDRO
co-produced by: punkchart films, RTVS

starring: Mariena Mirgová, Roman Lacko, Adriana Lacková, Miro Čonka and inhabitants of the settlement Víťaz – Dolina

Development and production of the film was financially supported by Slovak audiovisual fund.

This film was produced with the support of the project Ex Oriente Film 2011, the Institute of Documentary Film in Czech Republic (awarded with the prize – Golden Funnel)

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